Successful Project: City of Golden Stormwater Program

Pollution Prevention Volunteer Clean Up
Since 1994, the City of Golden has been accelerating its stormwater programs to address stricter Federal and State regulations. The primary targets of its upgraded stormwater management initiatives include:

*  Improved education and involvement of the public and city staff regarding ways to minimize pollutants in stormwater. This included new educational materials and events.
*  Required design, construction and maintenance of permanent Best Management Practices. This included erosion and sediment control practices at construction sites, for example.
*  Increased measures to detect, eliminate, and take enforcement action against illicit discharges.
*  Increased construction site inspections and enforcement actions.

For more information, please contact Tracey Pond, City of Golden Stormwater Coordinator, at 303-384-8188 or

Photos of Golden's Stormwater Management Best Management Practices, below.