The second stage of the protection planning process is a voluntary effort by the water system(s) and the public to initiate the planning phase.    The Steering Committee plays an important role in building stakheolders' understanding of the assessment report results and potential source threats to their water supplies.   The Colorado Water Quality Control Division (WQCD) and the Colorado Rural Water Association are available to assist public water systems in transitioning from the assessment phase into the protection/planning phase.  

WQCD provides a protection planning template representing the minimal aspects required in a protection plan and for use in efficiently producing a variety of site-specific protection plans.  WQCD also provides supporting source water assessment area information and maps to public water systems to incorporate in the source water protection plan.  A public water system can request this source water assessment area information and maps by submitting a data request letter to WQCD.  Click on this link to request WQCD's source water protection planning resource guide, which is available at no cost as a DVD/CDROM package.  WQCD also provides financial assistance through the source water protection planning grant program.