Reporting Source Water Assessment Results

After completion of the susceptibility analysis, all results are then reported by the Public Water System in their Assessment Summary Report.  Included in the detailed assessment are appendicies containing reported data that is not available to the public.  All Public Water Systems are required to report their source water assessment  in their Consumer Confidence Report to their community. 

Reporting is not required if the system is not providing water directly to the public, but it is recommended that a copy of the SWAP report be posted in their place of business.   The public is encouraged to contact their Public Water System with any questions or comments regarding the source water assessment results or to inquire about source water projects in their area.

Source Water Assessment Reports for Clear Creek watershed are listed below:

Standley Lake cities: Westminster, Northglenn, Thornton

 Municipalities: Golden, Silver Plume, Idaho Springs, Black Hawk, Central City, Arvada, Empire, Georgetown

Other systems: Coors, Consolidated Mutual, Denver Water Board, Lookout Mountain WD, Loveland Basin Ski Area, Loveland Valley Ski Area, Mill Creek ParkNorth Table Mountain, Rocky Flats PlantCLIMAX - Henderson Mine