Successful Project: Managing Stormwater in Mountainous Regions

Clear Creek County, in cooperation with the Colorado Geological Survey, recently completed a new publication titled Managing Stormwater to Protect Water Resources in Mountainous Regions of Colorado. This manual provides a general overview of green stormwater management practices designed to protect predevelopment hydrology at the watershed, community and individual lot level. It does not provide detailed, site-specific recommendations. 

While the manual was developed for Clear Creek County, its concepts and best management practices may be applicable to other mountainous regions of Colorado and surrounding states. We hope that this publication may serve as a useful reference for professionals and the public in the selection and design of stormwater best management practices and techniques that reduce runoff and facilitate infiltration.

 To access the publication, click here to jump to Clear Creek County's web site, and at the bottom of the page, click "Managing Stormwater to Protect Water Resources."  This is a large pdf file, which requires that you 'right-click' on this link and select the 'save target as...' option.  This will allow you to save the publication to your own workspace, and review it at your leisure.